Hello! My Name is Emma! 

I am a student at Cascadia College. I am a Photographer, an avid Gamer, and a Developer.    


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Photos I am proud of! 

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I love taking portraits! 

There is nothing more satisfying than working with somebody to get a shot that brings out their inner beauty. It is very difficult to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I know this and try to find the best way to get you comfy as well as making the shots you are envisioning happen!   


I find that in the PNW it is very easy to find something gorgeous to take a photo of. The natural beauty of these lands is constant and in your face. I do my best to capture these moments and hopefully evoke the same feeling of amazement I feel when I take the shot. 

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Would you like some photos? 

I have a love for photography and would be happy to work with you! No matter if you would like 1 on 1 portraits or event photography, I have the skills for your situation. Feel free to get in touch and shoot me an email at emma@starlitmantis.com.